Hong Kong visit cancelled

Friday 7th February

Angela and I arrived in Auckland on Wednesday evening after a good flight from Sydney.
We now have a programme over the next three weeks in the North Island staying and travelling with friends, and of course meeting OMs.
Nick Howe Smith has arranged for a dinner on Sunday 23rd February, and I hope to meet him and David Duggan (a contemporary of mine) before then.

Our major concern has been the unfortunate progress the Corona Virus.
After much consultation with contacts in Hong Kong, Steven Chan and I have agreed that e OM dinner should be cancelled.
Additionally, it would not makes sense as judged as judged from this moment to commit to any visit to Hong Kong.
Therefore we have reluctantly cancelled our visit to Hong Kong.
I a very disappointed given all the had work to make these arrangements and that Angela and I were looking forward to going back there. However there is no option at present.

I hope that this outbreak peaks soon, and that Hong Kong in particular …

Sydney Luncheon

Thursday 30th January

We flew in from Melbourne on Tuesday, and spent Wednesday with an old friend of Angela's., visiting Balmoral and seeing some of the north side residential areas. During our first couple of days in Sydney we experienced very pleasant summer weather, continuing to miss the great heat. However, the temperature was rising for the weekend.

Thursday was the Sydney OM luncheon. On a hot day (by my standards – just 29C) Mike Hailey and Guy Pollock arranged for us to meet and lunch at the Sydney Flying Squadron yacht club which is situated in Kirribilli on the north side of the Sydney Harbour bridge.

This was a lovely setting in one of many little bays overlooking the harbour bay. Present were: Mike (62-67) and Linda Hailey, Guy (82-85) and Annette Pollock, Alan (59-64) and Dawn Mills, Steve Rudlin (64-69), Michael Bishop (Lord Glendonbrook) (55-57), Grahame Elliot (52-57), Gordon (65-69)and Angela Mizner.

I was delighted that Steve Rudlin managed to attend as he flew…

Melbourne dinner and tennis; 23-28 January

We arrived in Melbourne Thursday 23rd. We have been so lucky with the weather, avoiding tbe really scorching temperatures thzt seem to have circulated around us. On tbe road journey from Adelaide we had some rain but nothing to spoil our enjoyment or the spectacular scenary. Melbourne is tennis city at the moment. We decided to chance it and went to the tennis centre which was a short tram ride from our hotel. We got a day pass into the event and the  queued up to get on one of the main courts where we saw a couple of great matches.
The otber days saw us visit much of what Melbourne has to offer, whuch is a lot. Full of construction and amazing pace of development since i last visited. Monday 27th January
Australia Day falling on a Sunday this was a public holiday. The Melbourne OM gathering was held at the RAC Victoria on Bourke Street.  Justin Wernham had organised for us to dine at the Bistro which turned out to be perfect for our gathering. 
We were a party of twelve. Six OMs incl…

Adelaide 16-19 January

Friday 17th January
Breakfast at The Playford Hotel which is very central and just opposite the railway station. The hotel has been built in an old Art Deco style on the site of Rupert Murdoch's SA office, and is excellent whilst offering something slightly different from the standard modern hotel.

Roger Tagg (54-59) kindly offered to show us something of the Barossa Valley.
Roger met us at our hotel and drove us out of the city.
Our first stop was Chateau Barrosa. Note the different spelling. It is thought that this was the original version. We had a light lunch and a glass of wine of course......not Roger who was driving.
We then Stopped at Jacob's Creek a well known brand and had a look around. Very much a tourist set up.
It was then off to Menglers look out where we had a great view over the Valley that is really what it is.
We then stopped for a short walk at the Kaiserstahl conservation park and did a couple of km loop. Saw two kangaroos and several birds.

A Happy New Year

A Happy New Year
Not an event. Just a happy new year to anyone who happens across this blog.
I cant believe that we are already into the 20’s. It just seems yesterday that we were celebrating the millennium (and yes I know that those of a strict interpretation state that the new millennium and decade don’t start until there is a ‘1’), and worrying about the millennium ‘bug’.
At that time I was living overseas and running a company and we had to develop all sorts of contingency plans just in case….what a waste of money and effort and a great deal for all those consultants we used.
Anyhow, wishing everyone in the OM firmament a happy new year.
I am enjoying my term of office thus far. Angela and I are getting ready to set off on our first overseas trip which will take in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland (and North Island), and finally Hong Kong. We are watching closely the awful fires in Australia and especially NSW and Victoria – here’s hoping that it cools down a bit.
Later in…

Young Old Millhillians Christmas Drinks

Saturday 21st December = YOMs Christmas Drinks
The Young Old Millhillians (YOMs) held their Christmas drinks at the Adam & Eve pub in Mill Hill.  I went along for a while and was delighted to see such a great turnout. I hadn’t visited this pub for many decades – in fact not since I had been at the school (if I remember rightly it was one of 3 within walking distance of school! Although one had to be careful not to bump into masters who frequented it as well).  For those of you who cant remember which one, it’s directly opposite where the cancer research facility used to be; that’s now been replaced by a massive residential development.
Anyhow, back to the event. I was pleased to talk to many of the YOMs present and to hear what they are doing. Many of them are still at university and are studying a wide range of subjects; engineering, music, law, natural sciences, medicine and so on.
I was mightily impressed by how positive they were about their Mill Hill experience, quite a num…

Oakers Christmas lunch

Monday 9th December: OM Oakers Christmas lunch.
The Oakers is an informal gathering of OMs at lunch at the Boot in Sarrat each month; I attend fairly regularly and it is always most enjoyable.
The Christmas lunch however is special. Up to 50 places are available and as usual in recent years we were almost full. Gerry Westoby who organises the Oakers did a marvellous job once again with everything appearing to run smoothly.  Apart from the regular faces of the monthly Oakers, many other OMs make a special effort to attend from far and wide and it is an opportunity to see and meet OMs whom one hasn’t seen for many years. I usually have the traditional turkey at these occasions, but decided on a change and had Game Pie which was an excellent choice. However, tradition won over for dessert with Christmas pudding. All accompanied by some wine tempered by the need to drive back.
Whilst this is an informal OM event, there cant be many alumni clubs that can muster such a turnout.
The list o…