Inaugural virtual reunion for Australian OMs

 26/11/2020 Today we held the first virtual OM reunion for Australia. I was delighted that we were 14 participants including Jane Sanchez (MHS Head), Peter Wakeham (OMC Chair) and myself as President acting as chair for the Zoom meeting. It was wonderful to see quite a number of those whom Angela and I had met during our trip in January, which now seems so long ago (almost another era). After introducing ourselves, Jane gave us an update on how the school is coping with the Covid challenges and examples of the arrangements that have had to be undertaken. Jane also touched on developments at the school and emphasised how much the school and Foundation have grown in the past few years and that demand for places remained strong. I then invited Peter to say a few words about the OM Club. Peter explained about the changes in structure, the life membership developments and some of our plans for the future, especially the careers and alumni websites. Below is a screenshot of those who joined.

Remembrance day - streamed

Wednesday 11th November 2020 The Remembrance Day service  at MHS is always a moving event and very well organised . It aims to  include as many of the pupils as possible and explain the context and significance with imaginative displays. There is usually a strong turnout of OMs and the President of the OMC lays a wreath on behalf of the Club and gives a reading during the chapel service (see earlier blog).  Sadly, not all of this was possible this year. As a result of Covid19 restrictions in force, the OM contingent wasn't allowed to attend and I couldn't represent the Club as I had done last year. The school managed to live stream the service at the memorial arch and the earlier ceremony in the Quad in the Chapel Garden. Attendance was very limited, and most pupils were able to view proceedings in their classrooms via the streaming.  On a positive note, it was great to see the school putting on such a wonderful effort in these tough times, and I look forward to being present a

Golf society meets at Deal

 My first entry for some time. The OM Golf Society Autumn meeting went ahead as planned this weekend past. 24 OMs turned up which is a great turn-out and testament to the work put in by Derren Hamilton (Captain) and Beej Chandaria (Vice captain). We were blessed with wonderful weather and perfect conditions for golfing.  OMs have been coming as a group to Royal Cinque Ports Club in Deal since at least 1930 I believe, mainly to play in the annual Halford Hewitt championships for public schools. However, the OMGS' Autumn meeting has been in existence for many decades as well. I have been attending since 2002 and always find it a very enjoyable weekend. This year was no exception. With Covid19 hanging over the event, Derren and Beej did a wonderful job to organise everything and get such a superb response. We stayed at Dunkerley's Hotel in Deal and had competition rounds on Friday and Saturday. On Friday I played with Stephen Wright in the singles and performed respectably. On Sat

Returning to some degree of normality?

19th June 2020 The years longest day is almost upon us! Where is the summer going. Mind you, we have had a glorious spring. I have decided it’s time to come out of hibernation and restart my blog – and carefully expand my activities. I have restarted golf, and have event been to the shops in Watford and Rickmansworth. This week was a milestone for the OM Club when we held our AGM online for the first time. This involved quite a lot of detailed planning and organisation, and for that my thanks go to Peter Wakeham our club Chair who drove this through, supported by Julian Pollock (Hon Club Sec), Asif Ahmed (Hon Treasurer) and myself. I think I can say without contradiction that it was a great success. We had 50 people log into Zoom for the AGM and the papers and voting were handled through a service called MiVoice. We tried to plan for all eventualities, but in the end everything worked very smoothly and the feedback we have received has been universally positive. This will und

Going into Hibernation

Unfortunately all travel and events have had to be cancelled/postponed for the foreseeable future as a result of Covid19. This week we have had to cancel our trip to New York and Toronto where we had OM events scheduled. Similarly, a whole raft of OM events scheduled for the next 2 months have now been postponed. This is a great shame, but there is nothing to be done other than to hunker down and hope that these measures see off the virus as quickly as possible. I wish anyone reading this  - Stay Safe! Hope to be back in touch within a few weeks/months. Regards Gordon

Back in a wet London

Saturday 29th February Arrived back early Saturday morning to a very wet and cold Heathrow. We returned a few days earlier than planned as a consequence of having to cancel the Hong Kong leg of our trip. Apart from this disappointment, we had a wonderful trip and were delighted to meet so many OMs and be so welcomed by them. The lunches/dinners in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland were well attended and very enjoyable. On a broader front, our trip was fun, exciting and enjoyable and we managed to avoid the extremes of the weather (heat, deluges, fires) but had to divert because of Covid19. I want to thank all our hosts and OMs whom we met along the way. I hope that you manage to keep the interactions going and indeed spread the participation - we certainly had a few 'first timers' at our events. And if you are not already members of the Club itself then do join. We now look forward to the trip to New York and Toronto in April as well as a number of local UK even

Auckland dinner by sunset

Sunday 23rd February At the end of a beautiful sunny day the Auckland OMs dinner was held a the Sails restaurant overlooking Westhaven Marina and so offered a superb view as daylight turned to dusk. Those attending were: Nick and Jill Howe-Smith (Nick: 78-83) David and Debbie Duggan (David: 65-70) Brian and Caroline Jones (Brian: 83-88) Tony and Ann Smith (Hon OM) Peter Mensah (80-85) Gordon and Angela Mizner (Gordon: 65-69) It was lovely to see David and Debbie attending their first NZ reunion, particularly so as David was a contemporary of mine – indeed we played in the same tennis teams. David and Debbie have retired to NZ where they have family. We were also delighted to be joined by Tony and Ann Smith who had recently arrived from the UK to stay with their son Nick. Tony and Ann are well known to many OMs for their involvement and support of school and OM reign you over many years. In fact Tony was made an Honorary OM some years ago. I was also delighted to meet Pete